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Beautiful, hosted status pages for your business

Communicate incidents and maintenances in seconds.

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Public & private status page illustration

Public & private status pages

Proactively communicate incidents and scheduled maintenances to your customers with a beautiful Status Page.

Real-time notifications
Incident automation
Status embed
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Automate incident communication, save time in support

Notify your customers with real-time subscriber notifications right where they are. Let them subscribe to exactly what they care about.

MS Teams
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Status page real-time notifications subscription

Statuspal Integrates nicely with the tools you already use


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Status page monitoring integrations (Pingdom, Datadog, UptimeRobot, etc)

Connect with your existing monitoring tools or use ours

Statuspal integrates nicely with existing monitoring tools like Pingdom, UptimeRobot, StatusCake. But we also provide you with our Simple Monitoring, great fit for getting started quickly.

Internal Monitoring
Third Party Monitoring
Third Party Metrics
Custom Metrics
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Multi-language status page

Multi-language status page

Communicate incidents and maintenance in your customers language. Statuspal supports multi-language status pages out of the box, pick from 10+ supported languages or customize your own.

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Multi-language status page


“We rely on Statuspal to receive timely updates on the availability of certain parts of our platform. Statuspal turned out to be a very stable and trustworthy tool that we highly recommend.”

Avatar of Niko Nelissen
Niko Nelissen Founder & MD,

“We're very happy with Statuspal! The feature set is solid, and there's a good pace of new innovations being added. All at a reasonable price!”

Avatar of Steffen Wenz
Steffen Wenz CTO, TrustYou GmbH

“Statuspal Rocks!!! I have written a plugin to control Statuspal page via their API. Any questions they are quick to respond, and fix any issues overnight! - Great Experience!”

Avatar of Wayne Lawrence
Wayne Lawrence Head of IT Operations, Judopay

“We switched our status page to Statuspal from another provider and we were pleased by how easy the process of switching was, particularly when importing email subscribers... I would highly recommend Statuspal.”

Avatar of Chris Jamieson
Chris Jamieson CTO, CabCard Services

“Setting up a status page with Statuspal made it smooth to publish our Cloud environment uptime. It is a brilliant tool for us to be transparent with our customers and inform them about service issues or maintenance windows.”

Avatar of Hasan
Hasan Customer Satisfaction Hero, ArvanCloud

“Moving to Statuspal to manage notifications for outages and planned work has been a great decision for our business. The portal is easy to set up and use and customer feedback has been excellent”

Avatar of Matt Cornish
Matt Cornish DevOps manager, 2talk

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