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Custom SSL Domains arrive to Statuspal!

Eduardo Messuti
Eduardo Messuti
August 5, 2018

Say hello to custom domains with support for SSL!

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One of the most requested features is finally here, in release v1.13, you are now able to easily configure a custom domain for your status page.

Start by creating a CNAME record in your DNS manager that points from your domain to, it should look something like this:

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Then enable your custom domain in the settings section of your status page dashboard:

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Here “” is an example, but it can be any domain or subdomain that you own and can create a CNAME record for.

Go ahead and give it a try now:

Whats next on the pipeline?

We are working tirelessly to give you the most useful tools to communicate your app’s status, next on the high priority list are:

  1. 3rd party integration with monitoring tools (like Pingdom).
  2. Custom metrics.
  3. Private status pages.
  4. Statuspal API.

We are already working on number one ;) so expect something soon.

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