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Statuspal 2.20: SMS notifications, White Label and More!

Eduardo Messuti
Eduardo Messuti
August 28, 2019

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks and we have been hard at work to give you the best possible status page and monitoring experience, and so here is a highlight of the new features we are the most proud of:

SMS Notifications

One of the most requested features is finally here, SMS notifications enables you to notify your customers via SMS on your status updates.

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Your customers will be able to subscribe to receive SMS status updates

To enable this feature you’ll need to configure a Twilio integration, but no worries, we explain step by step how to do this on this help article.

Pause Monitoring on Maintenances

Some of our customers brought to our attention that when they had a scheduled maintenance going on, and some of their services being down because of it, our monitoring would still trigger the alarms, notifying them and potentially creating automatic incidents to report what was really programmed downtime.

And so we are introducing a new checkbox “Pause monitoring during maintenance” in the service form that you can see when you have monitoring enabled, simply check it and we will pause monitoring for services that are under a scheduled maintenance:

Pause monitoring during a scheduled maintenance in your status page

White Label Status Page

Another highly requested feature has been to allow you to remove the Statuspal branding from your status page, we have added a checkbox to do exactly this in the settings tab of your admin panel.


All the status pages will now automatically auto refresh every 60 seconds, this way your customers can stay up to date on your status.

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This message will now be displayed at the bottom of every status page

Improved Information on Incidents

We have improved the information displayed in the incidents reported in the home page of your status page, they now clearly denote wether they are minor, major or maintenance, as well as the update type (issue, update, investigating, etc.).

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The incidents are now more verbose

It was brought to our attention that some customers didn’t want to have the cookie consent banner displayed in their status pages, and so we decided to fully remove our google analytics from them, this way we don’t need to display it as we do not use any cookies for tracking.

And so as the sole owner of your status page, it is your responsibility to display a cookie consent banner if you decide to use cookies for tracking.

Improved Performance on our Monitoring Response Time Charts

We have improved how we generate our response time charts for monitored services, making them way more reliable and faster to load, you will notice that they now always load on sub-second times, even the month tab.

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Those are the most remarkable features on Statuspal 2.20, if you have any questions please do not hesitate to write us at [email protected].

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