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Status Page Updates Through External SMTP Server

Eduardo Messuti
Eduardo Messuti
February 4, 2021

Status updates are a crucial part of your status communication, and at Statuspal we proud ourselves at supporting a wide range of options for how our customer’s notifications get delivered, today one more (a highly requested one) comes to live: SMTP external servers integration.

So far we’ve supported the following email integrations:

  1. Our internal email integration This allows you to start communicating incident and maintenance updates with zero configuration, great for getting started quickly if you sign up with an ongoing incident.
  2. Mailgun
  3. SendGrid
  4. MailChimp


A number of enterprise customers have shown their interest for SMTP support as a way for them to continue using their existing setup to send email updates to their customers, since they prefer to reduce to the minimum the number of external services setting up a Mailgun or SendGrid account is not a great option.

Lear more about how to configure your SMTP integration in this help article.

Why is Statuspal’s internal email integration not enough?

Our internal email service is great to get started quickly and is used by a large number of our customers with high rate of deliverability, just on the last 30 days we’ve successfully delivered more than 70 thousand email notifications, with a 99+ percent of deliverability.

However our internal email service does have its limitations, for instance you need to keep the sender address to be a subdomain of (e.g. support[at] if you want to make sure the emails don’t get labeled as spam.

What’s next?

As usual, we have big plans for the future ;) for instance we aim to (soon) support configuring your own domain with SPF & DKIM records directly in your Statuspal dashboard, this will guarantee deliverability of your status updates without the need for any external services, providing the best of both worlds.

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