Statuspal vs Attlassian's Statuspage. Get more for less.

Statuspal vs Attlassian's Statuspage

Eduardo Messuti
Eduardo Messuti
February 12, 2021

So you’re getting flooded by customer’s emails and phone calls whenever an incident arises in your business? It’s time to setup your very own status page!

You might be thinking that there are so many options and you’ve probably heard of Atlassian’s Statuspage so now you want to make sure you pick the best status page provider.

Well, you’re in the right place! Here are 5 reasons why you should pick Statuspal over Atlassian’s Statuspage:

1. Get More for Less

Get more subscribers, admin members, services, and even monitoring and still pay only ~50% of what you would with Atlassian’s Statuspage.

Our status pages are powerful yet extremely simple to manage, you can start a 14-day free trial and see it for yourself, you can write us at any time through the live chat and we can discuss your use case.

2. Monitoring and Automation

Statuspal is built from the ground up to save you time, bundled with several features that reduce the work it takes to manage your status page.

Starting with our integrated monitoring, which will automatically create and close incidents for you if your services go down/up, as well as notify you about this.

We also provide recurring scheduled maintenances, which will allow you to setup maintenance events that happen many times in the future automatically.

3. Break Free from the Ecosystem

Plenty of our customers pick us because they don’t want to lock themselves further with a single large corporation, just because you’re already using Jira doesn’t mean you have to go all-in with Atlassian.

Statuspal is a small independent, bootstrapped and profitable company, where you’ll have direct contact with the founders, just one click away with our chat widget.

4. True Multi-Language Support

Statuspal is the only status page provider that has native multi-language support, no need for third party services or Google translate scripts, you can translate your whole status page along with each incident or maintenance events.

We support natively 10+ languages, and if yours is not supported you can create a custom one or ask us to help you with it.

5. Migrating couldn’t be Easier

If you’re coming from Atlassian’s Statuspage and considering migrating to Statuspal we have great news for you, migrating only takes seconds!

Our 1-Click Migration script will automatically migrate yor status page information, services, subscribers and incidents, sign up now and start your migration process!

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