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Member restricted status page, SSO support & grand child services

v1.18 New feature
October 20, 2020

Member restricted status page

Statuspal now allows you to restrict your private status page to your team members, including a new member role called “Viewer” which grants access to see and subscribe to a status page.

This adds an alternative layer of security to your status page compared to the already existing IP restricted privacy settings.

Once you have restricted the access your customers will be prompted to sign in in order to access your status page:

SSO support

Single sign-on support is now generally available, you can now manage your organization’s access through your IDP like Okta or Microsoft Azure.

Find out more at our help article.

Grand child services

We’ve added support for one more level of nesting within services, so you can display with even more granularity the different components of your system.

This grand child services behave the same as the existing nesting level services, they can have uptime graph, be monitored, etc.

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