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Uptime Calendar, monitoring improvements and much more!

v3.45 New Feature Improvement
November 8, 2021

In this release we deliver one huge new feature: Uptime Calendar, together with a few improvements on monitoring, subscriptions management, security and three new integrations: Livewatch, Esendex SMS and Ekara by IPlabel.

🗓 Uptime Calendar

It’s now possible to display an Uptime Calendar in your status page, that will enable you to communicate your history of incidents and maintenance.

It’ll allow you as well to display your planned maintenances within the next months so your customers can have a clear view and plan accordingly.

Status page uptime calendar

⚙️ Custom HTTP method in monitoring checks

In the past all our Statuspal monitored services have been using HTTP HEAD method when performing the periodical checks, this is now configurable, you can pick any HTTP method for your monitored service, such as GET, POST, DELETE, etc.

This is only one next step towards our ambitious plans to provide you with a more powerful monitoring service.

🇪🇺 Europe based servers

In case you missed it, we’re now offering EU based hosting for your status pages, you can now pick your desired region of hosting when signing up.

Find out more in our full announcement blog post: Europe Based Status Page Servers Now Available.

🔎 Subscriptions search in Admin site

Your subscribers are one of your most valuable assets when it comes to incident communication, and being able to filter and find the ones you might need at any given time is a must, that’s why we’re introducing an advanced filter panel in the Subscription tab of your admin site.

Status page subscriptions filter

🔐 Password policy improvements

It was brought to our attention that our password policies were not strict enough, so we went ahead and improved them, increasing security for our customers.

The new policies require passwords of customers signing up to contain at least a number, upper-case and lower-case letters and a special character, as well as not to contain the user name.

🔌 New Integrations


Livewatch is another Germany based company that provides professional server monitoring, alerting and logging.

Automate incident creation and resolution from Livewatch, configuring it is easy with our service inbound email addresses. Learn more

Esendex SMS

Communicate incident and maintenance updates via SMS with Esendex. Now your status page subscribers can receive SMS notifications in real-time with our Esendex integration, configuring it couldn’t be easier. Learn more

Ekara by IPlabel

Automate incident creation and resolution from Ekara by IPlabel, configuring it is easy with our inbound email addresses. Learn more

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