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Mailchimp Integration, Auto-Incident Information Tags and SSO Improvements

v3.47 New feature Improvement
December 21, 2021

Communicate incidents and maintenance email notifications through your Mailchimp account, get insights on the source of auto-incidents (Statuspal monitoring, 3rd party monitored, PagerDuty) right in your Admin Dashboard, and more.

🐵 Mailchimp integration

Start sending your email notifications on incident and maintenance alerts though your Mailchimp account, thanks to Mailchimp’s Mandrill transactional emails service.

You just need to enable Mandrill transactional emails in your Mailchimp account, and generate an API to be used in Statuspal, head out to your admin site, and to the Integrations tab of your status page to enable this integration.

🤖 Auto-Incident Information Tags

Know from a quick glance which incidents were created by one of our automations, be it our Statuspal monitoring, 3rd party monitoring (Pingdom, Datadog, etc) or incident management integration like PagerDuty.

Status page uptime calendar

🔐 SSO Improvements

We’ve worked on several improvements on our Single Sign-On support:

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