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PagerDuty and Microsoft Teams integrations

v3.41 New feature
August 30, 2021

Two of the most requested integrations are finally here!

🚨 PagerDuty Integration

Automate your incident creation and resolution directly from your PagerDuty incident management tool, configure powerful rules to automatically reflect the state of your PagerDuty incidents in your Statuspal status page.

PagerDuty incident automation rules for Statuspal status page

Find out more about how to configure this integration for your status page in our help article Automate your status page with PagerDuty.

📡 Microsoft Teams Integration

Notify your customers and/or employees about incidents and maintenance directly in their Microsoft Teams, avoid missing important notifications by keeping them up to date exactly where they are.

MS Teams notification

Find out more about how to enable this integration for your status page in our help article Enable Microsoft Teams notifications in your status page.

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