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EU Migration Tool, status page API V2 and more!

v3.49 New feature Improvement
February 21, 2022

Have you been waiting to migrate your status page over to our new EU region? now is the time! Also find out about our new API V2 (beta).

🇪🇺 EU migration tool

Since the launch of our newest supported region Europe, plenty of customers have been asking for a way to migrate over from the US region, this is finally possible!

Migrate your status page over to our new EU region with just a few clicks! find out more at our help article Migrate your status page from US to EU.

🚀 API V2 (Beta)

We’re happy to release the beta version of our API version 2. This includes many improvements on consistency and good practices.

Some of the changes include:

Since this is a beta release, there might still be breaking changes to come in our API V2, so use it with caution.

Find the updated specification here: API V2 (beta) Documentation.

⚙️ New endpoints for managing memberships

You are now able to fully manage organisation and status page level memberships through our APIs. This new endpoints are available in both APIs v1 and v2.

👀 See who created incidents & updates

You’re now able to see who created a given incident or individual incident updates directly in our admin UI.

Incident created by

🔒Lock status page during maintenance

It is now possible to configure your status page to reject incidents when there is an ongoing maintenance. Enable this new feature under your status page settings, scroll down and expand the Advanced section.

Incident created by

We hope you enjoy all of this new features and improvements, if you have any questions do’t hesitate to write us at [email protected].

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