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Reason 1

The most complete alternative

Communicate incidents and system maintenance in real-time with a public or private status page. Get peace of mind with our integrated monitoring and automate your incident communication process.

Features Statuspal Atlassian
Public status page
Private status page
Audience specific
Status page with automations
Reason 2

Monitoring and Automation

Statuspal is built from the ground up to save you time, bundled with several features that reduce the work it takes to manage your status page. One of our exclusive features is recurring maintenance tasks, which enables you to setup maintenance events on a recurring basis.

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Reason 3

Fair pricing policy

With Statuspal you'll get the most value out of your money, saving up to 60% compared to Atlassian’s Statuspage. That's not even taking our monitoring service into account, which can save you even more on other services.

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Features Statuspal Atlassian
Public status page 1k subscribers $36 $80
Private status page 100 employees $27 $60
Audience specific 100 employees $60 $120
Monitoring 1 check $1.70

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