New Practical Introduction to Prometheus Monitoring in 2023

Simple Monitoring

Easily configure monitoring for your services, avoiding the need for a third party monitoring service.

Out of the box Monitoring

Statuspal is one of the only status page providers to include HTTP monitoring out of the box, ditch the external monitoring tools and save costs and time.

HTTP checks
Incident automation
Response time chart
Maintenance awarenes
Status page Simple Monitoring dashboard UI
Simple Monitoring alert email

If it goes down we'll let you know

We notify you and your selected team members via Email when your service goes down and once it comes back up.

Automate incident creation

We can automatically create incidents in your status page when your monitored service goes down/up so your customers know first hand whats going on.
Status page incident example
Response time chart

Display response time charts

We can generate a response time chart with the data gathered from your monitored services, so you can showcase your system's performance.

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