New Practical Introduction to Prometheus Monitoring in 2023


Allow your customers to subscribe to notifications for incidents reported in your status page.

Keep them up to date

Your customers can subscribe to be notified when incidents get reported/updated in your status page via SMS, Email, Slack or Twitter.
Status page subscription form
Status page individual service subscription support

Per-service subscriptions

Reduce the noise for your customers, enable them to subscribe to only the services they care about.

Slack integration

Let your customers subscribe to receive status updates directly on their team's Slack channel, they'll love you for it!
Statuspage update Slack notification

Twitter integration

You can also link your twitter account to tweet your incidents automatically, and your followers can get notified through it.

Email notifications

Automatically notify your customers via Email when reporting an incident or maintenance, manage your email subscribers directly in your status page's dashboard.
Simple Monitoring alert email

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