New Practical Introduction to Prometheus Monitoring in 2023

Status Page

Communicate incidents & maintenance updates through a beautiful status page.

Incidents & Maintenance reporting

Create and update incidents and scheduled maintenances easily through our simple UI, automate recurring maintenances and save time.

Recurring automation
Incident templates
Markdown support
API enabled
Status Page Incident
Status page uptime graph

Uptime History Graphs

Showcase reliability with our Uptime History Graphs, display the number of incidents reported in the last 60 days, either global or per individual service.


Allow your customers to subscribe to receive real-time notifications on incidents and maintenances via Email, SMS, Slack and Twitter.

Per-service subscription
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Status page subscription form
Status page multi-anguage support UI

Multi-language status page

Statuspal allows your to transtate your incident and maintenance updates as well as your status page's UI we support 10+ languages by default.

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Configure service & sub-services

Communicate precisely what components of your system are affected by incidents, organize them on services and child services, your customers can subscribe to them individually.
Status page nested services
Status page metrics

Metrics (third Party & custom)

Import the metrics you already have to showcase reliability, we support third party metrics like Pingdom and custom metrics that you can easily push through our API.

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